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When You Need Help With Family Law

When you must interact with the law due to family issues, you can feel lost. It can be difficult to know what it all means and what you should do for your family. You want what is best for your family, and you want a lawyer who will help you achieve that goal.

At The Law Offices of Amanda L. Rose and Beth V. Kelly-May, our attorneys understand these concerns and we promise our clients to help them navigate the family law courts in New York. Beth V. Kelly-May has worked with the family courts in New York for more than 25 years and has a deep understanding of both the law and the issues that individuals and families encounter they enter the legal system. Our ultimate goal is to resolve your problems, and we work to build lasting solutions for our clients.

The Right Way Forward

With most family law matters, you will experience stress and uncertainty. You need good legal advice that can help you understand how the law will treat your situation, what your options are and how the courts operate. This allows you to make meaningful, informed decisions to achieve your goals and outcomes for your family.

We understand your concerns, and we work to minimize the stress you experience, by providing you with realistic, comprehensive advice to help you find the right path forward. We can help you when you are:

  • Ending your marriage
  • Modifying your custody arrangements
  • Seeking an adoption
  • Interested in your options as a grandparent
  • Struggling with domestic violence
  • Settling paternity questions
  • In need of a prenuptial agreement

Our attorneys are experienced with a wide variety of family law issues, and they are ready to help you. We provide one-on-one service, treating you as a person, not a case number. By getting to know you as a person, we are better able to understand your goals and help you achieve them.

If contentious litigation is not necessary, we are well-equipped to help you protect your interests in a less combative manner. Often the most efficient solutions can be obtained by an amicable, cooperative and straightforward fashion. In our experience, when you come to the negotiation table with good faith, you obtain superior results for all concerned.

Contact Us For Assistance

We can help with your family law issue, providing honest answers to your questions. Contact us today in our Mayfield office by email or calling 518-613-4222 for a consultation with a lawyer who will prioritize your needs.

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