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The Best Interests Of Your Child

In any custody dispute in New York, the central question asked is: What is in the best interests of the child? We would ask, who has a better understanding of what your child needs than you? You want a lawyer who will be on your side and work with you to get a resolution that puts your child’s well-being above every other concern.

At The Law Offices of Amanda L. Rose and Beth V. Kelly-May, we put ourselves in your shoes and offer compassion and empathy, as well as focused legal service. our attorneys work to develop a full understanding of your needs so we can help you to design a resolution that fits best for you and your family.

Keep Control Of Your Family

Our attorneys know that the prospect of losing control of your child’s future is troubling. We help you keep the process in your hands as much as possible. We do that because:

  • In a courtroom setting, you lose direct control of the outcome.
  • Trials can become lengthy and costly as disputes heat up.
  • Legal fights over custody can be extremely damaging to kids.

We work to reduce conflict and protect your children from corrosive effects of it whenever we can. Reducing conflict is always in the best interests of your child. When you act from that standard, taking steps at every turn to make that your goal, your results are better for it.

Our attorneys help to protect your child’s interests and to help you obtain a child custody agreement you can live with.

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Our office is located in Mayfield, and we work with families across the county, providing a level of personalized service that they greatly appreciate. Learn more about how we tailor our work to you by calling us at 518-613-4222 or using this email form to get a consultation.

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