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Questions To Ask About Divorce

When your marriage is ending, you can feel out of your depth. You want the best result, but you do not know where to start. At The Law Offices of Amanda L. Rose and Beth V. Kelly-May, we put a premium on being compassionate to the people we work with, and that means providing answers to questions like:

What Is The Property Division Process Like?

In New York, the standard for property division is “equitable distribution.” That means many factors are taken into account. Each couple is different. Each individual’s circumstances are unique, and you deserve a lawyer who will treat your situation with care.

Where Will We Go To Court?

In New York, your divorce will be adjudicated in the Supreme Court facility of your county.

My Ex Is Contesting The Divorce. What Does That Mean?

If your spouse does not agree with the legal reasons for the divorce, they can contest the divorce. This is a complicated and fraught situation, and often, you will benefit from a cool, pragmatic legal adviser.

What Will Happen To My Children?

Custody arrangements are often decided in a negotiation. Learn more by reading how we assist people in their custody concerns. We provide a high standard of personalized service to all our clients and build solutions that work for you.

How Long Will This Process Take?

The amount of time that a divorce takes depends on many factors. There is no exact time that any lawyer can or should promise you. What you can get is a reasonable estimation based on the facts you present.

Contact us today either through email or by calling our Mayfield office at 518-613-4222 for a consultation. We will answer your questions and provide careful, reasonable advice to move forward. Let us help you get control of your stress.

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