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Personal Attention For Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury is a misunderstood area of the law. It is often viewed as an opportunistic payday, and some injury victims may try to deal with their injuries themselves rather than going to a lawyer because they want to avoid that perception. But getting legal representation for your injury is an important step in protecting your rights and ensuring you get the care and compensation you deserve.

At The Law Offices of Amanda L. Rose and Beth V. Kelly-May, our lawyers represent people with their personal injury cases, working for the compensation you need. In addition to the pain of the direct injuries caused by negligence, the process can be stressful. We know the process and can help alleviate the stress while getting you the help you need.

Responsive. Pragmatic. Compassionate.

Our attorneys provide straightforward, personalized representation for people suffering from injuries. It is not your fault that you are in pain; you do not need to have your pain minimized. We listen to your story and use that to build a case that is about you and your needs.

We always work for the most effective, pragmatic resolution to your issues from cases involving:

If you have questions, we can answer them, and our attorneys will help you with the process, every step of the way. We understand personal injury law in New York, and we will assist with building the strongest arguments for your compensation based on the facts of your case.

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We are here in Mayfield and work with clients who need help locally. We provide focused legal help to the people and communities we serve. Get a consultation by calling us directly at 518-613-4222 or filling out this email form.

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